S.W.A.T (Special Winning Attitude Team) Child Leadership Training Program

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S.W.A.T (Special Winning Attitude Team) Child Leadership Training Program

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Gravesend Martial Arts Academy
S.W.A.T Training
Leadership Program Information

The Gravesend Martial Arts Academy is about to introduce one of the most exciting and innovative programs you and your child will ever experience in the area of Personal Responsibility Education. The program is S.W.A.T. (Special Winning Attitude Team). The S.W.A.T. Leadership program was developed by the Jefferson centre for Education, located in Pasadena, California. Over 5,000 schools and 50,000 classrooms currently use the S.W.A.T. curriculum across the USA; it has reached nearly 2 million students. We are one of the first in this country to have the S.W.A.T program.
The Jefferson centre for character education is a non-profit, non-sectarian organisation founded in 1963 which addresses the need to teach character education in both public and private schools. The Jefferson centre focuses on the systematic teaching of common values that cut across the ethnic, cultural, and religious lines. These values include: honesty, respect, responsibility, integrity, courage, tolerance, justice, self-confidence, and politeness.
At our school our mission is to install in students these very values using the martial arts, we believe this to be an ongoing process and not something to be achieved in a month, or year, but rather over a life time of education and effort. We have chosen the S.W.A.T program because it is the perfect complement to our philosophy. S.W.A.T will provide an ongoing, systematic method of teaching the core values on which our program is based.

S.W.A.T is designed to teach students to:
• Accept the consequences of their actions
• Use the S.T.A.R. Stop, Think, Act, and Review decision-making model to solve problems and resolve conflicts.
• Develop and improve self-confidence, self-esteem, and positive attitudes.
• Set and achieve realistic goals.
• Accept that attendance at class, punctuality, and reliability, are part of being personally responsible

Being a member of The Gravesend Martial Arts Academy Swat Team is a prestigious position, which is offered to less than 5% of our student body. In an effort to be continually improving our standards we consistently look for candidates who we feel would benefit the Academy.

As a Swat team member you are looked upon as a member of staff at the Academy. You will be requested to help teach at least 2 evenings a week. You will also be requested to attend a staff meeting on a monthly basis to keep the staff updated on current events.

After an 8 week trial period your application will be placed forward to be graduated on to the SWAT Team.

Graduation will enable members to special privileges such as special uniform allocation, discounted goods and training, and even training advancement.

S.W.A.T Curriculum:
• Training Day
• Theory Examination
• On going Modular Training
• On going Assessment in the form of Modular Practical Tests
• Graduation & Certification at Annual Awards Evening

Participant Requirements:
• S.W.A.T Leadership Program Applicants must be attending 2 training sessions per week
• Hold yellow belt or above
• Have minimal Absence
• Be a respectable, mature and helpful members of class
• Be aged 10 years or above
• Hold Full protective Equipment

Duties, Roles & Responsibilities:
• ALL S.W.A.T members will be required to assist the running of at least two sessions in addition to their normal two training sessions per week.
• Attend All S.W.A.T member Training, Evaluation and Meetings
• Help All New members Settle into the Academy
• Be a role model for all Members of The Gravesend Martial Arts Academy

S.W.A.T Member Benefits:
• Unlimited Access to Full Weekday Program
• Access To S.W.A.T Training
• Access To Unique S.W.A.T member Uniform
• Teacher Training & Input into the running of The Gravesend Martial Arts Academy
• Discount on protective & training equipment.
• Discount on “Kids Safe” & traditional Weapons Seminars
• Exclusive Sparring Training
• Exclusive Access To “Master” Grade program

S.W.A.T Schedule:
• S.W.A.T Training Day------------------------- Sunday 18th May 10.00AM – 2.00PM
• S.W.A.T Theory Examination Day-------------- Sunday 25th May 10.00AM – 1.00PM
• On going “Modular Training”--------------------Monday 19th May – Saturday 28th June
• Graduation------------------------------------Saturday 28th June

An initial fee of £85.00 is payable to cover S.W.A.T Training Day & Theory Examination, and Monthly tuition fee of £45.00 per Month thereafter.

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