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Intensive Instructor Training

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Intensive Instructor Training

The G.M.A.A believes that persons with sufficient training and skills, regardless of their current grade levels, can carry out the INSTRUCTING of Martial Arts and run a successful Martial Arts Academy. They do NOT need to be of Back Belt level.

Even if they are of Black Belt status, this is no proof that they can teach Martial Arts, after all their grades will be in whatever Martial Art's they have trained in, not in running a class and teaching.

We believe if someone is interested, committed and motivated, then we can develop that person to the highest standards and reach Black Belt Instructor Status. It takes on average 3 months to pass one grade in Most martial Arts if you train twice per week for one hour each session that’s 24 hours in total (Not including the extra time spent warming up and cooling down before and after each session, talking to your friends) well imagine if you spent a week, training at a Martial Arts Gym / Boot Camp, where you could spend enough (serious) time to complete 4 grades in one week!

As a registered G.M.A.A Instructor, you will be entered onto our database and any enquiries for Martial Art classes from your area will be directed to you.

You will be provided with our full backing in any way we can give it.

The Award can be obtained in TWO ways...

By attending our regular Week or Weekend courses at The G.M.A.A headquarters and if successful you will automatically become a registered Martial Arts Instructor as well as becoming a member of the G.M.A.A & REACT.

The least common way is as a current member of the G.M.A.A. and working through the grades on a "Black belt Master program" in our own unique Martial Art Systems. Then on reaching the rank of 1st Dan you will automatically become a registered Martial Arts Instructor.

Participant Requirements:
The G.M.A.A operates several ways in which these Awards can be taken, but there are a few provisions.

Be aged 18 years or above

Have some basic Martial Arts, Self defence or Relevant Front Line experience. The candidate must have had SOME relevant Martial Arts / Self Defence type training. Rank beginners will not have the basic abilities.

Commit them to their personal ongoing training.

They must become a MEMBER of the G.M.A.A. as our insurance cover only applies to G.M.A.A members when teaching Self Defence. Please note on successful completion of the course candidates will receive FREE membership of the G.M.A.A for one whole year.

They must acknowledge their G.M.A.A. qualifications in any advertising literature or on the Net.

IIT Instructors Certification
Completion of IIT STL Award (Study Team Leader (Module 1)
Completion of IIT Coach Award (Module 2)
Completion of IIT Instructors Award (Module 3)

Intensive Instructors Courses (IIT) Available In:
Wing Chun
Kenseikai Stick Fighting
Kenseikai Ju Jitsu (Gi Ju jitsu)
Savage No Gi Ju Jitsu (Submission Grappling)
Muay Thai KickBoxing
Combat Fit, Boxercise & Box Fit
Combative / Self Defence
Kids Kung Fu
Thai Jitsu


• On Going Nightly Training At The Gravesend Martial Arts Academy
• Private Tuition At The Gravesend Martial Arts Academy
• Week Intensive Training (One week per module)
• Weekend Intensive Training (Three weekends per Module)


DURATION-------------6 Hour = 1 day STL Training Day
------------------------48 Hours over 5 days Tuition

Cost--------------------£450 Week OR
------------------------£200 Per weekend x 3 Weekends OR
------------------------£160.00 = Training, Examination & Ongoing Modular Training & £50.00 Per Month
------------------------Thereafter for 1 year Duration

Dates-------------------To be Arranged, please Enquire At The Academy
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